Day 30 – What Would you Title the Chapters of Your Autobiography?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on. I had to look up the difference between this topic and a memoir just to be sure my responses aligned with the subject of the prompt. I have never thought about it,Continue reading “Day 30 – What Would you Title the Chapters of Your Autobiography?”

Day 17 – Describe The Happiest Day of Your Life.

The premise of the title of this prompt is that there is just one “happiest day”. I can not say that I have just one happiest day. I have so many that I would not want to narrow it down to just a single event. But, for the purposes of this post I will shareContinue reading “Day 17 – Describe The Happiest Day of Your Life.”

Listen From a Place of Curiosity and Presence

Good day y’all. I hope that you have had a wonderful weekend. I have had a very full past several days completing many projects here in the outdoors of Thompsonville. From pouring concrete, to setting bricks for my cowboy fire pit, landscaping, and some light electrical, it has been a fulfilling week or so. WithContinue reading “Listen From a Place of Curiosity and Presence”

Saying No Is Not Easy, But Sometimes For The Best!

Hello and Happy Monday. As you take in this amazing photo that Dawn took and as y’all get ready for your week, I can imagine that, with regards to work, you are wrapping up carryover items, making adjustments to this weeks plan, and setting the plan for next week. Perhaps some of you are ponderingContinue reading “Saying No Is Not Easy, But Sometimes For The Best!”

Don’t Look Forward, You May Miss Today

Happy Friday y’all. I have long observed the obsession in people to continue to discount what is right in front of them, looking forward to that future thing that does not yet exist. I put myself in this category up until the last few years. This is especially true of weekends. I have worked aContinue reading “Don’t Look Forward, You May Miss Today”