From newly promoted front line supervisors or middle managers; public services to elected officials, our consulting services have made an impact on leaders at every level, in a variety of business and industry. Public or private, union or not, I have experience that will help assist you with the needs of your organization.

Customized Training:

No two organizations are the same. Customized training provides an opportunity for organizations to create training and development that will meet the specific needs of your organizations leadership team from the top down. Want to brush up on leadership and communication skills with more focus on the challenging aspect of effectively handling complaints and conflicts? A collaboration with your team leads and a combination that meets your needs can be accomplished. Individual trainings include:

— Organizational Communication — Organizational Leadership — Complaints and Conflicts — Effective Email Writing and Use — Approaches to Effective Discipline

Content Writing:

Let’s face it, not everyone or every manager is proficient at everything. Not to mention, how much time is already allocated to operations. However, having clear content for the roles and responsibilities and how to perform individual tasks will ensure each department works with same common goal. Individuals and groups that have a clear understanding of their individual and group tasks are more efficient and require less question and answer and follow up. This leaves the manger time to focus on their tasks and less on minute by minute supervision of the group. Well defined roles help identify opportunities for improvement, improve the efficiency and accountability, and provides a resource for your staff and employees to access. Whether writing the content or coaching your managers on effective writing, this can be valuable training that will provide immediate return. Writing for: — Employee handbooks — Roles and Responsibilities — Playbooks for Individual Roles

Interview Training:

One of the first questions I ask, “what is the true cost of training a new hire?”. Not just the “training period” but the actual time it takes for a new employee to be fully integrated into the organization. For most of my clients, that ranges from 6-12 months. Reducing this controlled cost starts with the hiring process. From creating the ad for an open position, to developing the interview questions, and conducting the interview, this process takes time, practice, and skill to ensure that you are bringing in candidates that fit the role and the culture. Working with your team we will develop questions that provide the answers needed to hire the best person for the role and the organization, the first time. Employers that have the most successful teams start with this philosophy. Working together with the effected departments, we can determine the skills and traits that are most important. Then we create an employment ad, an interview process and questions that will help your organization hire the right individual for the position the first time. Reducing training time, turn over, improving short and long term output, and a committed culture will result in tangible results.

Mentoring and Coaching:

Once the group training stops, the development is just beginning. Working with leaders to help them integrate this training effectively into their department is essential to success, stability, and growth. Our coaching calls, one on ones, and meetings challenge individuals to discover solutions that will solve problems now and result in greater productivity that benefits the entire organization. Once this has taken hold, it is time for your organizational leaders to learn to develop others.