More About Us

There are so many moving parts, pieces, and people that are the life blood of any organization, group, family, etc. The successes of these groups can, in some way shape or form, all fall back to the effective communication that each moving part has with the other. For most professional organizations success and failure can be directly attributed to effective communication that each level of the organization has with the other. My journey to organizational leadership and communication awareness began, in a lunch box carrying, blue collar union environment. The absence of formal training in those early years and archaic approaches to management are the driving force behind my desire to be a student of organizational communication and leadership. Evidenced based research shows us that the best leaders of organizations understand that the success of their teams begins with the communication and leadership skills throughout all levels of their organization. In my professional and personal life, I have experienced leadership and communication at all levels and in a variety of industries, from warehouse, manufacturing, construction, and customer service. Those hands on, real time, successes and failures are the passion behind the success I want for every class, group training, coaching call and consultation. Organizational leadership and communication is not just something to learn in a class or call and then assume that you have the skills. It is something that is adopted by the entire organization. It is constantly evolving and changing as new generations enter our workforce. It is a commitment to learning and understanding how your organization communicates and how best to lead the people behind yours and your organizations success today and in the future. I work with the highest levels of each organization to help identify their specific needs and understand their unique culture. As a team, we then work with each level of that organization to find solutions that are specific to their culture and organizational needs and goals. I continue to work with that same lunch box carrying, roll up your sleeves approach to everything that we do. Developing your organizations leaders is a commitment in your folks, their success, the future success of the organization. Our passion is to help each person, develop the skills needed to be leaders in their operations, their organization, and in their community. I understand that this is a relationship and the match has to be right in order for the work to be successful. I look forward to chatting with you about your specific needs. If nothing else, I am sure that we will enjoy the conversation.