Each day, many of us have interactions with co-workers, friends, family, the barista at your favorite coffee shop. I hope for many of you, some of these interactions are just that, casual interactions whose only purpose is to engage in conversation either with someone you know or with a perfect stranger. With no other purpose than to just converse and perhaps leave them with a smile. If your job involves interaction with others on a regular basis, we have to speak with intent, carefully choosing our words and our vessel of communication, to ensure that our message is delivered effectively and in a manner that develops understanding and commitment. And, every day there is a possibility we fail. We have to fail in order to be better. We lead with the best intentions, but at times that falls short as well. Here, I will share my stories, adventures, and lessons learned in an effort to encourage thoughtful conversation. Here your suggestions are welcome. Here you will find my take on articles that have an interesting look at some of our most fundamental approaches and long held beliefs to our day-to-day interactions with folks inside and outside of work. I hope to inspire thought, even if you do not fully believe in my take, it is conversation that helps bring us to a place of growth and understanding. Many of us, at some point sound like those who raised and influenced us, even though we thought it was all garbage initially. Thoughtful conversation today, may come back to create pause and light a bulb of thought that will help you grow in your career and in life. Here, we will not judge. Here, we will ask why. Here, we will help each other.

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Embracing the Unexpected

What does volunteering, interpersonal communication, and being a loud talker have in common? For me, a great deal. The VOLUNTEERING                At the end of last year, Dawn and I spent a cold December morning at a local cemetery for Wreaths Across America. Her dad was buried there last year and we were moved to…

Day 31 – Where is the Best Place to Watch the Sunset Near You?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on. Well, I did it. Except for the day the internet went out, (which I am not counting) I have posted every day, on the day and completed the challenge I made to…