Day 30 – What Would you Title the Chapters of Your Autobiography?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on.

I had to look up the difference between this topic and a memoir just to be sure my responses aligned with the subject of the prompt.

I have never thought about it, however, the idea of writing about my life, and decades from now others would take something away from my story is pretty humbling to imagine. Unless something changes, this is not a part of my future. A quick search for content of an autobiography states that the first prerequisite is that the author is someone famous. Well, that is just not me. To many people I am Dawn’s husband and that just does not scream famous. What that really means is that I am the arm candy that she brings with her to events and then asks me to sit in the corner until she calls for me. I am also very good at fetching her drinks when she needs them and making sure the car is warm when it is time to leave. HAHA. In all seriousness, her and I have too much fun with this as it did feel like that to me for a while. My wife is a rock star where she works but we are all friends now.

Since I am drawing a blank on specific titles for each chapter, I guess the question would be how do I want the reader to interpret each “chapter” of my life? For sure I have had some really crappy things happen to me and including them is part of the story. They in turn have shaped my life and how my brain interprets day to day occurrences. I have had many epic experiences along the way, each one making an impact on the story of the person I am and the example I try to set each day. I would want the chapters to speak to the honesty of the information covered without leaving the reader with, “I am so sorry that happened to you” as there take away. I would want folks to be uplifted and I would want my story to appeal to everyone. That is very important.

As I re-read this, it occurs to me that it may be fun to start writing an autobiography and leave it for future generations of my family to read. It would be fun to write it as if I was “famous”, and perhaps to them I will be.

For me I will want each chapter to hint to the readers what to expect and begin to build excitement even before they read the first word of each chapter. So here is what I am thinking. I will see if Andy Grammer will let me buy the use of his song “Damn it Feels Good to be Me” Then I will use that for each chapter with a different sub-title.

I definitely think in terms of chronological order so this format would be a good fit for my brain; each chapter representing a different time in my life. For example, the first chapter would be birth and would be titled:

“Damn it Feels Good to be Me”

I mean if I could have spoken right out of the womb, I am sure that is what I would have said. Right mom?

This current chapter might be something along the lines of:

“Damn it Feels Good to be Me;

Married for Twenty Three”

See what I did there? Although, shoot, that has a limited life span unless she bails on me before number twenty four. Damnit, I guess I better get to writing then just in case.

I look forward to closing the month out strong tomorrow and reading about your autobiographies because I have no clue what I would title the chapters of mine.

Peace out y’all


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