Day 29 – What is Something you Learned Recently?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on.

Well folks, what I learned to day is that writing, the way I like to, with a ton of thought, meaning, and insight, is difficult and there are days that you just do not have it.

Today is that day.

However, being so close to the end of the month and being able to say that I published each day of the month; not publishing today is simply not an option.

I learned that today.

Yesterday I learned something else. Toddlers like to do the goofiest things and those things make them laugh. When I allow myself to sit back and really take in the moments, having both of our grandchildren around is helping me rediscover the mindless joy in the simplest things. Yesterday, Dawn and I stacked large Legos on the coffee table, just so that we could abruptly swipe them away as we say “boom”. Then genuine giggles from the little man and belly laughs from the two of us.

What I was reminded of yesterday is that it is never to late to relearn the childish joy in simplest things. To look past this fun because we are too old or do not have the time is so common, isn’t it? Life has a way of numbing us to the simple pleasures.

Like filling a bucket with Legos just to turn it upside down and dump it back out, laughing at all the noise and mess of it all.

To give ourselves permission to participate in and enjoy the goofy in life without caring about the chaos, noise, or sheer childishness of the whole ordeal. At some point we think are “too old” for kids games. Many of us have those thoughts. I can remember the announcement I made when I announced that I was not “tommy” any more because I was too old for childish names. No, from then to just a few years ago, I was exclusively “tom” or Thomas (my given name). I am glad that I am not that “old” anymore. I will take Tommy all day long.

What have I learned recently?

Each and every day I make an attempt to have fun. It is not easy and on many days it does look or feel the way I would like. Today, was one of those days folks. It did not feel like or sound like fun. However, it was a good day full of gratitude for the people that I am surrounded with who are so special to me.

But it does not compare to yesterday, where Dawn and I had mindless fun while babysitting our grandson. Decades after I announced to the world that I was too old for childish names, I am back to sitting on the floor and playing with blocks enjoying the simple joy of matching the shapes and getting the pieces to line up. And then:

Ahhhhhhh, boommmmm ……as the pieces are sent headlong across the room, scattering in every direction.

We pick them up and do it again. A little face, wide eyed with an expression of joyful anticipation waiting for grandma and grandpa to do something silly. And then the giggle that melts your heart and tells you that you did good. The giggle that is more rewarding that any medal, promotion, or award that you can ever achieve.

What did I learn recently, I try to remember to be silly, have fun, and truly enjoy the simplicities in day to day life.

Have a good one y’all,


4 thoughts on “Day 29 – What is Something you Learned Recently?

  1. Oh my heart. I absolutely LOVE your answer to this bloganuary prompt, Tommy. I can almost hear that cute giggle of your Grandchild from here. I love that you and took took time to make a mess with your grandchild and to enjoy those simple moments of making a little one giggle. They find so many simple things HILARIOUS and their giggles are so infectious. I love the image I have of you all having a great laugh at tumbling lego blocks. Just gorgeous. So wholesome!

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  2. This is such a delightful post, Tommy. I’m glad you had such a fun time playing with your grandson. You’re never too old to have fun. I remember my children tipping up boxes of Lego bricks when they were young. They used to be in fits of giggles. What a mess, but it didn’t matter as long as they were enjoying themselves.

    Now I have four grandchildren, the youngest being ten and eight. Charlie, my grandson who’s eight, is fascinated by my precious stones and crystals, so we find ourselves learning what they are from a book I have, ‘The Crystal Bible’. My granddaughter, Imogen, ten, tells me she wants to be a palaeontologist when she grows up! She loves fossils and bits of old china dug out of the garden, so we do lots of research into that. It’s amazing what you can find in the soil.

    Children grow up, and their interests change, but I love learning about their hobbies alongside them, and we still have a lot of fun in the process. Life is one long learning process, and I’m enjoying every minute spent learning with and teaching my youngest two.

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    1. Oh my, four grandchildren. Perhaps someday. Thank you so much for sharing and for the kind words. It is fun to learn how to be young again. Have a great day Ellie.

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