Day 28 – Describe Your Perfect Birthday Cake.

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on.

As a kid, I can remember my mom making birthday cakes for me and my brother. I assume it was to save money, but it was awesome. One birthday in particular, I do not remember the year, she made me a race car cake. Of course she did. It was a single layer, if I remember. She would make the white cake in pans and then cut out the shapes and frost in the colors. I do not remember a lot of birthday cakes, but I remember that one for sure; it was extra special. Thank you, Mom.

At some point, Mom moved on from cakes to pies. But not just any pie, her apple pie is the off the hook. The entire thing is made from scratch, including the crust. Fresh granny smith apples too. The ones that are extra tart are the best. The best part, aside from the pie itself, was that when mom was making pie, she would make extra crust, cut it into strips, bake it and sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar. It was dessert crust. Yummy.

Along with apple, she makes rhubarb pie. A fresh out of the oven, warm slice of pie, slowly melting a scoop of real vanilla bean ice cream in the bowl. That is a dessert that I do not feel guilty eating; worthy of indulging.

Mom was kind enough to pass her recipes to Dawn and it is just as amazing. No! None of y’all are going to get me into the inevitable “so is my pie better than your mom’s pie” discussion. They are both awesome! wink wink. My mom’s is the best when she makes it and Dawn’s is the best when she makes it and that folks keeps yours truly on the nice list with both of these amazing ladies.

Part of the process for both of these ladies is being particular about how the apple slices are placed. Dawn is very concerned that when the pie is cut, the profile layering has a beautiful appealing look to it. As she is assembling it, each layer of apples is stacked in a certain order and then covered in cinnamon sugar. Now, this is a very appealing snack for me and since she does not make baked cinnamon sticks for me like my mommy, I may take an apple slice or two. Now, the first time I did this and she caught me, it was cute, she said something cute, and we moved on. However, the next time I stole a lightly covered apple slice, oh man. The look that she gave me and the words that she spoke told me that my five foot two, spit fire of a wife was going to bring all her wrath on me. Now, I still thought it was cute, until I realized that my life was really in danger and I should stop now before it got really ugly. HAHA Apparently, I do not want to violate the apple pie stacking experience. I have since learned my lesson and I never do that,,,,,,,,,

when she is looking.

My favorite birthday cake, is birthday pie. Birthday apple pie!

Have a great day y’all.


4 thoughts on “Day 28 – Describe Your Perfect Birthday Cake.

      1. Oh I can uber like no one else can. But will there be anything to deliver is up to others. HAHA You do not want me making the pies.


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