Day 27 – What are the Pros and Cons of Procrastination?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on.

My routine in the morning is to sit with Dawn and enjoy our coffee. We play Wordle with two of our kids and post the results. We talk about the birds, play with the cats, and then we are off to work. I try not to open my email on my phone. I have been working to separate work from pleasure and emails are usually “work” related. However, I look forward to the prompt of the day and so I make an exception for just that one email.

This morning I looked at it, closed my phone with intent and tossed it in the chair. Seriously, this is a detailed topic. I asked Dawn, “am I supposed to write a medical journal entry”? She laughed and said that perhaps they were looking for information for a dissertation.

Look, this is a really broad subject, but I will go there, I am a procrastinator. I have been for a very long time. Why? Well for large projects, it is because I overthink everything that I do and undervalue my ability to do it well.

“Oh look, there is a project that I think I can take on”.

Next thought, “what are all the ways that I can mess this up?”.

Then “what would a professional be doing?”.

By the time I am done with all of the questioning, it has been days, weeks, years and I have second guessed myself so much that even Dawn has crossed it off her “honey do” list. UGH. It is literally exhausting the way my brain works.

For everyday tasks however, it looks like this:

I start to do the dishes, leads to I need to take out the recycles, leads to I should take a few minutes to shovel the walk, leads me to go back in the house to warm my hands in the soapy water that is now lukewarm as it has been an hour since I started washing dishes.

Wait, is that a squirrel in the tree, wait, what was I thinking again?

I know that many of you can feel my pain.

The Pros and Cons

of my “mental” process

One of the pros, maybe the only pro for the larger projects, is that because it takes so long for me to analyze every possibility of failure, when I do get down to working on it, it usually turns out top notch. This past year, I made two high quality pieces of furniture for our grandchildren, a memorial flag case for Dawn’s dad, and we made ornaments for the grandchildren for Christmas. However, the con is that each project takes so long to complete that a ton of other projects have cropped up as well and I will never get to the end.

As for the day to day procrastination, for me, the biggest reason is that my brain wants to be in the future or in the past. This means, for me, that instead of taking and making the time to complete a project in the present, there is always something that I did not do or something that I will need to do, that interrupts my focus as illustrated above. Something simple like the dishes leads to five other things and I never finish the dishes.

While I have posted about my commitment to publish here each day of January, and to read one book a month. My biggest and scariest commitment is to:

finish… one…thing…at…a …time.

That also means not over committing, leaving time for errors, and slowing down.

And here is something we do not provide time for – taking a few moments to appreciate the work that we did instead of mindlessly moving to the next task. I come from a family of over-committers. We are always filling every moment of every day with something. We always think there is time for just one more item. Well, I have had enough. This year, I have committed to leaving time to complete projects with leeway for whatever, including a few minutes to admire my work. Perhaps, if I finish really early, instead of moving to the next one, I take a nap. After reading their posts, I believe that is what my friend Janet and her friend Sarah would suggest. Thanks ladies. HAHA

Speaking of commitment, tonight, Dawn and I have committed to going to our youngest daughter’s house where she and her husband are hosting homemade fondue with wine. And since Dawn is my editor, and she is tough, I have to finish this and get it to her early. Honestly, she is the nicest, most caring, and loving woman and friend that I could ever have. But, the last thing I want to do is make her late for cheese fondue and drinks on a Friday. Seriously, lasers will shoot out of her eyes and pierce my soul. And if I have to drive fast to get there; well, those who follow my blog know how that will go. It is just better if I peace out now.

It is close to 5 o’clock here on the east coast. The work bell is going to ring and we are out of here to get our grub on. There is no procrastinating on this day.

May y’all be happy, healthy, and safe.


5 thoughts on “Day 27 – What are the Pros and Cons of Procrastination?

  1. I click on my WordPress ‘reader’ icon so I can read the blogs of friends I follow and when I see you’ve written a new post, I clap and can’t wait to open it up, Tommy. You never fail to make me smile and Sara and I got a mention, too! Look at us go!

    As a fellow procrastinator, I definitely relate.

    I will start loading the dishwasher and catch the washing machine in my sight. I’ll walk over to it and load some laundry in, some washing liquid and press the buttons to make it go. Then on my walk back to the dishes, I’ll see clean laundry waiting to be folded. So I fold it and put it away – mostly in our room. Our bed is unmade so I take care to make it. I fluff the pillows and stack them (we girls, we love pillows – the more the better. Currently, we have EIGHT pillows on our bed in various sizes and textures. Alun complains loudly but guess who can’t sleep if he doesn’t have all four!), I smooth out the doona cover and smile as I place one last decorative pillow in the centre of the 8 others. Lovely. I go back to filling the dishwasher and turn it on. So I hear you and feel the same being distracted by things and you end up doing LOTS of things but only by half. Lol. Then going back to complete the circuit and ending up knackered (UK for “very tired”) at the end of it.

    I really do hope:
    1) You nap more after completing big projects. I bet the furniture you make is really beautiful.
    2) You are able to have more “mindful experiences” (a former psych of mine loved this phrase and because I think highly of him, I use it too) where you are present and not worrying about what’s to come or what you have done that might need fixing.
    3) that you got to Fondue on time. Haha. I can see the tyres burning rubber now and Dawn holding on for dear life with you yelling “I’ve got this!” and singing along to a loud Country song.

    Sending you both loads of hugs xx

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    1. i too look forward to your new posts to see what words of wisdom you have to share. I think that all the pillows is just hilarious, but I have to admit that I do like the “right” amount of pillows. if we had 9 pillows, we would not need to make the bed as it would be covered. Hey, that sounds like a good idea for sure. HAHA. We did make it to fondu on time. Funny story, it was mrs, tommy t. driving and it was all ‘f’ bombs and ‘a’ holes last night. I needed a drink when we got there. Not because of me. I know weird. But there were some true crazies on the road last night for sure. One person came right across the front of her car and nearly hit us. On the way home, just as we got on the road, a car had crashed into two storefronts and destroyed the fronts of the building. What the hell was in the air last night. Go figure, I drove home. Funny, perhaps the roles are reversing as far as driving. I have read enough books, articles, and watched enough European racing to know that tyres is tires. But knackered? That is awesome! I believe we may start adopting that here in thompsonville. I can here it now. Babe, I am pretty knackered, I am heading to bed. HAHA hugs

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  2. Oh my word, loving that Dawn drops swear words and drives fast, too. I’m so thankful neither of you got hurt. It must have been a full moon that night. Apparently it makes people a bit mental? Ahahahaha trying all the wedding cakes would have been so fun! What flavour did your youngest go with?

    Hahaha yep, use “knackered” as much as you want! I’ve lost count of the times I’ve said the same “I’m knackered, going to bed!” Hahaha

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