Day 22 – What Was Your Dream job as a Child?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on.

My dad had a love of sports car racing and as it became more accessible to view on television, he introduced me to open wheel racing. There was not a ton to watch on television as I grew up, but I knew the minute I saw my first race,

I wanted to be a race car driver.

I was taken to a couple of Indy car races when I was younger and for my 16th birthday, Dad took me to the Indianapolis 500. With no cell phones back then, I am not sure if there are any pictures of that weekend, but the memories are all I need. Although some pictures would be cool. I remember being in one of the drivers garages and sitting in his car. For just a few seconds, I could close my eyes and fantasize that I was driving it in the race. I am not sure if it is the car I sat in, but the picture above, found on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum Facebook page, is one of the cars I may have sat in. I do not have pictures, but I do remember the driver and the car.

Growing up, we did not have the resources to venture into the sport when I was a kid and soon the window on that “dream job” closed.

I can not argue with the life I have, it is better than I deserve for sure. But every once in a while, I wonder what if……..

I know this, Dawn would have looked great on pit road with me before every race. Hell, she should probably would be the one walking to another drivers pit area and starting a fight if I got wrecked. HAHA

What is/was my dream job? I wanted to be a race car driver.

Looking forward to reading how others have responded.

May y’all be happy, healthy, and safe.


4 thoughts on “Day 22 – What Was Your Dream job as a Child?

  1. Hi Tommy! I loved reading about your dream job and I reckon you would have been a formidable racecar driver! How awesome that you got to sit in the car for a moment as boy. Wonderous. I love that you included Dawn in your daydreams of the future, you two really are a pair. So cute. May I ask what job you actually do now?


    1. Janet, among my many talents, skills, and abilities, I developed a leadership and development training that I teach in person in a class setting or travel to organizations and present there. I coach one on one communication and leadership skills as well as work with folks on public speaking, interviewing, and technical writing of work related job manuals. I have a ton of fun and I enjoy the challenge of helping folks learn how to work with their teams of employees. I have also spent a number of years in all phases of construction including operating heavy equipment for sewer and dirt work, above ground construction, remodeling, and woodworking. I spent some time working with a personal training studio and owned my own for a short period as well working with clients on fitness and nutrition. This last part is where my comments are generated from when you post on your challenges with nutrition. I have worked with both men and women and understand the pressure that our societal images place on people to train, eat, and look a certain way. I am all over the place here with experiences for sure but that has really helped me be very diverse in the groups of folks that I am able to understand and help. Thank you for asking. If you know anyone looking for training there, it would not be a bad place to travel and get paid. HAHA

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