Day 21 – Who is Your Favorite Author and Why?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on.

Similar to previous thoughts on my favorite book, I do not have a favorite author either. I know, boring answer.

I do not usually read fictional material, but if I do, it is based on real life crime dramas. You know, like the “Hardy Boys”. The photo above is just a few from my original collection.

I do read several articles daily on organizational communication and human behavior. These researched-based studies serve to educate me as well as providing data that I can use to help my clients grow professionally and personally. As we have so many generations currently occupying the workforce, I enjoy the challenge of finding methods that can bridge the different generational styles of communicating in a way that promotes growth and community. There is much that can be taught and learned if we can accept people as individuals and not base our views on “how we did things back in my day”.

I typically will read books that add to my growth, professionally or personally. I crave to be educated without being preached to. I love to read material that goes against what I know to be true based on my frame of reference. When I am done reading something, I want to feel as if I have grown intellectually and spiritually.

I am currently reading a book written by a doctor who takes the readers through his life and through his experiences as a black doctor working his way through the different stages of his education and residency. I feel as if I am listening to him explain this to me during the course of a conversation. The book is not preachy, political, or biased. He simply tells his story the best way he can. I had the opportunity to hear him speak at an awards ceremony for our youngest daughter. This was a couple of years ago and it was virtual, which sucks. However, I was drawn to his style of speaking, which had me listening intently. I am not done with the book, but it has been a great read. I have learned so much about his life, a life that was lived very differently from mine. Because of his approach to the topics, each night that I am done reading, I am left with an opportunity to grow as a person. I take great pride in sitting with this alternate viewpoint and really pondering how I can use what I have learned to improve my understanding of people and then how I can share that wisdom with others.

Who is my favorite author?

Someone who is not only interested in telling their story, but also provides space and permission for the reader to think, learn, and grow.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to find out if the “boys” find “The Tower Treasure”. So exciting!

Have a great Saturday y’all


4 thoughts on “Day 21 – Who is Your Favorite Author and Why?

  1. This is one of my favorites of the bloganuary posts – good information and a few chuckles! And folks, those books are legitimately on his book shelf, the originals!

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  2. Firstly, I love that Dawn supports your blogs with so much enthusiasm šŸ™‚ SO COOL. Secondly, I was so touched that you liked a book by a Black Doctor and that the way he wrote really resounded with you. I like that you have an open and accepting point of view and want to read things that will challenge your thinking and help you grow. That’s super cool, Tommy. Lastly…DID the boys find the treasure? Lol. I loved books like that when I was. younger šŸ™‚ xx

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    1. Younger, you mean I am supposed to move on? Damn, time to go the book store and move away from the kids section. Maybe that is why I get weird looks during story time at the local book store. HAHA I knew this day would come. Thank you so much for the comment on expanding my reading to question what I know to be true. I believe it is important to stay up to date, relevant, present, and able to communicate with a variety of peoples and groups.

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