Day 18 – What’s Your Favorite Meal to Cook and/or Eat?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on.

This one will be pretty easy, I think. Dawn and I are somewhat foodies. We love to travel and when we do, we look for local places for food and coffee. For us, part of the experience of traveling to other states and especially other countries is to eat where the folks that live there eat.

Having said that, Dawn and I are both really good cooks and that is probably why we like to go to places that serve a variety of things that her and I can not make at home. We do not eat this meal often, as is takes her hours to prepare, but she makes an amazing chicken paprikash. She has ordered it in other places, but nothing compares to hers. There is so much time and effort and love, making every bite delicious. Plus, I did not have to prepare it, so there is that.

For breakfast, my specialty is omelets, or as we call them, T’omeletes. HAHA. See what we did there. They never taste the same and I have a specific way of mixing my eggs that takes them to the next level. It is time consuming to make them, but is worth the effort. For this reason, her and I never order omelets if we go out for breakfast.

For dinner, I love to grill – it does not matter the time of the year. My neighbors will often find me tailgate grilling in the middle of winter. However, since building my cowboy pit, there is nothing like cooking over the open flames of an outdoor fire. There is just something very satisfying about not only creating the heat that will cook the food, but the care that it takes to manage the flames, as well as the food that is being cooked. While I have prepared different foods, my favorite is steak. A combination of flames, heat, and smoke make these meals next level. Dawn will prepare the baked potatoes, just olive oil and sea salt as they bake. Or, on occasion, I have also baked the potatoes on the same fire. These meals are especially fun on a cool evening as I sit with a drink and prepare our dinner.

Speaking of, all this talk of food has me hungry. Time to grab a bourbon and head out to the back yard to build a fire.

Peace out y’all.


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