Day 8 – How Far Back in Your Family Tree Can You Go?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on.

I am excited about this prompt as I have two really interesting sides of my family tree.

I will begin with my moms side. There is a great story to tell, but in need of more research to get a clearer look at that side of my history. My grandfather was born and raised in Scotland. He came here with his mom when he was 16, or at least that is the age he claimed when they landed on Ellis Island. I did a very shallow search and found that there seems to be a discrepancy as to the year my grandfather was born. On one hand, he came to America, claimed his age to be 16, and that was it. On the other side, I found a birth record that initially seems to indicate that he was in fact born a year later. This would make sense. Back then, if he wanted to be able to work when he arrived in America, he would have to be 16 to do so. To make this more complicated, my great grandmother had an earlier son, who died right away. Both my grandfather, and the other boy were given the same name. More on this as I begin to research that side of my family.

On my dad’s side, it has been laid out already. My aunt, dad’s sister, has done the work. After years of research and countless hours at the library she has filled in several branches of our family tree. Two items of note. My dad has ancestry from the Isle of Man. It is always neat to see the surprise on someone’s face when I recognize the symbol for this country.

I am not sure all of the steps that led back to this. However, my aunt, the keeper of the tree, has traced my furthest ancestor to none other than, Daniel Boone. One of the early settlers of America. I have been to Boonesborough as a child without being aware of the heritage and it will be great to return there again with a different interest.

As with so many folks, I have a melting pot of history. I know that there is some English heritage in their as well. It really strikes me when I stop to think that I am second generation American on mom’s side.

One of our bucket list items for Dawn and myself is to travel to Scotland once I have done some more research and see if we can retrace some of the steps that my grandfather and great grandmother took.

Looking forward to reading your stories of your own family trees,

Have a great rest of the day,


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