Day 6 – Why do you write?

note: this is part of #bloganuary where each day in the month of January, there is a prompt that we can write on.

I had wanted to create and write a blog for a while. As I noted in an earlier post, It was less than a year ago that I created my first post. Right here during bloganuary.

What I have discovered is something that I did not see coming. I am not sure where this will ultimately end up, but currently this is what this past year has revealed to me, to why I write.

First, I truly enjoy telling a story. I have been writing speeches and presenting in front of audiences for several years. Being able to tell the story, verbally, and writing a story is different. As I learn to write my stories, I get lost in my thoughts, losing track of time as I tap away at my keyboard. It is one of the most amazing feelings, to be that focused.

When I begin, I start with paper, a blank sheet, void of character, voice. I jot notes by hand. A once blank sheet of paper now has lines of ink that become evidence of thought. I love how the words flow from my brain to my fingers, words tuning into sentences. Sentences into paragraphs, until the story is complete. I love my process, from thought to outline, to final copy. I can get lost in the process.

I write because I love the deep space in my brain that I did not know existed before this. The exploration of thought, looking for a different avenue of thought.

I write because I find a calm and peace when I do.

I write because, I have discovered I can.

Happy Friday Y’all


6 thoughts on “Day 6 – Why do you write?

  1. I love that you genuinely enjoy telling stories! YASS! I love that you stick to ‘old fashioned’ pen and paper, that’s really beautiful too…and your quote at the very end “I write because I have discovered I can” CHEF’S KISS – Bravo, Tommy. This is AWESOME and I’m so bloody proud of you xx

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