My Name is Tom

As you can see from the above Header, my name is Tom, or Tommy, Tommy T., Tommy Tom, or a number of different variations that can be used. Some by professional acquaintances. Some are ways that close friends have come to address me. There is a story behind my name, perhaps for a separate entry. But my name is not who I am. Why am I here, in this format. I am here, first and foremost, because I like to write, share, and have fun. My intention is for this to be a spot to come and just let go for a few minutes. While my page is dedicated to my professional development business, I also find myself reevaluating who I am, what I want, and how do I work to make every day, my best day. My hope is to offer insight that disrupts a traditional, even easy path of explanation. With this in mind, our experiences can enable us to pause and look for new, innovative approaches to life. I hope to provide a safe platform where we can gather and share and develop insight, knowledge, and wisdom. With each post and each take, I will share my experiences and thoughts on a variety of topics. Some that directly relate to the workplace, some that are more personal in nature. All will help us navigate this cumbersome, crazy, and unpredictable thing called life. And as in life, I anticipate that this blog will grow, evolve, and move as I grow, evolve, and develop. In my posts, you will gain a far greater insight to who I am than I can put down here in a few sentences. Thank you for being here and enjoy.

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